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Thanks for visiting! This is a new blog dedicated to exploring all sorts of different cosmetics, but with a focus on lip products because they happen to be my favorite things to wear. I, Beth, will be playing the part of your host. I claim no superior knowledge when it comes to beauty… this is a grand experiment for me! I’m an average gal (on an average budget,) not a fashion plate. I just love to try new things and have fun doing it! I hope you’ll join me as I wander through the cosmetics aisles and look for awesome new stuff to play with.


Review: Absolute New York’s Absolute Love Lip Balm in Strawberry and Bubble Gum



These adorable little tins caught my eye when I was walking through Marshall’s tonight. Even though I really don’t need any more lip balm (I have enough to last ’til I’m old and gray) that has never stopped me,  so they came home with me.

Besides being cute,  this duo multitasks. They are lovely,  light balms that feel great on. They smell and taste yummy, and they have very nice subtle tints too. The strawberry and bubblegum flavors aren’t oppressively strong or sickeningly sweet like some can be. Long story short,  these are great little balms. “Absolute Love” just about sums it up.

Best thing yet?  The price. Two generously-sized tins for only $3.99. Happy lips! Happy Beth!

Review: Pacifica Perfume’s French Lilac Body Butter


Today’s cosmetic awesomeness is Pacifica Perfume’s French Lilac body butter. I have a thing for lilac-scented stuff, so this was something I’ve had my eye on for a while but I was waiting for it to go on sale. Well, the other day I found the mini size at Marshall’s for $2.99! That size normally retails for $7.00 at the Pacifica website. Needless to say, I nabbed one immediately.

Anyhoo, the lilac scent of this is lovely. It’s very fresh and floral with a “green” edge in the background. According to the tube, it is “lilac, fresh green and jasmine-like blended with heliotrope and nectarine notes.” I can’t exactly make out heliotrope and nectarine because the lilac is quite dominant (and I am not entirely sure what heliotrope smells like anyway) but it’s a beautiful, feminine scent overall. The formula of the body butter itself is thinner than what I normally think of where the term “body butter” is used; it has more of a lotion consistency. It absorbs well but can be a touch greasy if I accidentally use too much; I think using it sparingly is key. You don’t actually need much anyhow as the scent is strong enough for a little to go a long way, and it is rich enough to moisturize well even in small amounts.

Pacifica is fast becoming one of my favorite brands. The scents are amazing and they make a great variety of products. Their Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream is incredible (a review for another day, perhaps) and they have some lovely eye shadows, cleansers, lotion wipes, solid perfumes, and even candles! Target carries a small selection of Pacifica goodies (body butter tubes, lotion wipes, perfume roll-ons, lip butters, facial cleansers, the BB cream, and certain box sets of cosmetics) so they are easily available, but for the full product lineup a visit to their website is a must. As a bonus, their formulas are natural,  free of parabens, pthalates, mineral oil, peanut oil and artificial color, vegan, not tested on animals, and made in the USA (Portland, Oregon), plus a portion of their proceeds goes to support clean water. Basically, awesome feel-good products from a fantastic company.

What: French Lilac body butter
Where: http://www.pacificaperfume.com and select retail stores
Cost: $7.00 for the mini size (2.5 oz) and $15.00 for the large tube (8 oz)

*Check for sales! I’ve seen sales on this line in Target (picked up some of their lotion wipes in the Tuscan Blood Orange scent for 50% off) and if you go to the website and sign up for the mailing list they send regular e-mails featuring reasonable discounts, so you can grab quality natural goodness for a nice price.

Review: Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple


I got this fabulous lip balm in my Ipsy bag this month. First off, let me talk about the packaging: this is quite possibly the most innovative lip balm container I’ve ever laid eyes on. The bottom part unscrews to access the balm as you might expect, but the coolest part is the long neck. It isn’t just decorative; there’s a really nice lip brush hidden in there! The top pulls off and there it is, ready to help apply the product so you don’t end up with stained fingertips.

The balm itself is a unique animal: it’s a gorgeous shade of classic red, but it isn’t what most people would think of when they think about lip balm. Balm, in fact, may be a misleading term in this case. This particular product is matte finish and pretty dry on the lips. There’s no gloss at all to it, and I don’t find it particularly moisturizing, but the color payoff is AMAZING. One coat gives great coverage that will last hours, and it is buildable to create even deeper tones. This stuff doesn’t budge easily, not like a typical balm that disappears in minutes if you happen to lick your lips a few times. There is no discernable flavor, which is fine by me. It looks great as is right out of the pot, but can be easily enhanced (and dryness eliminated) by a nice coat of clear or pearly gloss over the top. This does tend to solubilize the color a little bit, which makes it smudge more easily, but it adds a nice dimension.

Overall, I love this product. I am so very pleased to have received it in my September Ipsy bag. I think it’s easily my favorite thing I got this month!


(Note: the color is not nearly as orangey as it looks in the pictures. It’s far more a true red. The lighting in my house trends towards yellow and can create funny color casts sometimes.)


Company name: Cailyn Cosmetics

Product Line: Tinted Lip Balm

Color: Big Apple

Price: $19.00

Company Website: http://www.cailyncosmetics.com/product_p/tlb08.htm#.UjffSsYsgrU